Bobby Parrish biography and net worth

The creator and founder of FlavCity are Bobby Parrish. In FlavCity’s YouTube channel, FlavCity YouTube channel, he and his wife produce weekly videos. Through Facebook and Instagram the channel, he posts everyday recipes. As a home cook, He has gained immense recognition by sharing his meals recipes and tips for cooking.

Bobby Parrish Early Life

Bobby Parrish, a well-known YouTuber, and chef were born on the 6th of January 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, United States, However, he now lives in Florida. FlavCity is known as the owner of a popular YouTube channel. As a cook at home who shares food preparation tips and techniques, the channel has gained immense popularity on YouTube. Chefs, as well, was a guest on Rachael Ray’s talk show. The year 2000 was the time he received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He worked in the banking sector before deciding to pursue his love to cook full-time.


Bobby Parrish BIO & WIKI

Real Name Bobby Parrish
Nickname Bobby
Age 43 years old
Date Of Birth January 6, 1979
Marital Status Married
Girlfriend/Wife Dessi Parrish
Daughter Rose Honey Parrish
Nationality American
Hometown Chicago
Education Qualification Graduation
Profession Youtuber, Chef, Cookbook Author
Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx) $1 million
Monthly Income $24 million
Yearly Income $285,000
YouTube channel name FlavCity featuring Bobby Parrish
Income Source Youtube ads, sponsorships, and brand agreements
YouTube Awards Gold and silver play button
Others income sources Offer books for sale on Amazon


Bobby is among the most well-known YouTube stars in the world of Common Bio. He’s among the richest YouTube starlets from Chicago. He’s also among the most popular YouTube celebrities. Bobby Parrish is one of our archive’s 40-year-old most popular celebrities.

Bobby Parrish Career

Chef Bobby Parrish has been on Rachael Ray’s talk show. Before that, he was a financial professional.

After his application to be the future Food Network star was rejected after which he decided to launch YouTube channels. To achieve his goal to become a star, he attended the most prestigious culinary school in America and later tried to get on Food Network. Food Network. His application for Next Food Network Star, however, was rejected. He was 2nd on the Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen.

Utilizing YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, Bobby creates custom content to appeal to a broad range of social media users (his biggest fan base is the millennials).

Bobby asked his wife’s help to shoot his cooking videos. The couple started to make progress slowly. Bobby had decided to quit his finance career and his wife resigned from the corporate world as they saw a brighter future in their business.

The couple who love each other decided to put more energy into their YouTube channel with an exciting future ahead of them. According to Everipedia the couple even transformed their two-bedroom Chicago apartment into an audio-visual studio. They are known for their delicious, healthy food prepared at home.

Parrish was offered the opportunity to make comments on other shows since more people were familiar with his works. He’s been featured on the Rachael Ray Show in addition to the Food Network as well as on the Food Network.

Bobby Parrish Personal Life

Bobby Parrish values family above everything other things. In his private life, he has been able to replicate his success in the workplace. He’s married, and he is also raising a beautiful baby girl along with his better half.

Dessi Parrish who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the wife of Parrish. As we’ve mentioned she is a partner for her husband in the development and creation of YouTube content.

Dessi is adamant about her love of making images and editing YouTube videos, as per Flavcity. Flavcity website. She often assists him with making videos.

Dessi is a baker and painter who loves to cook to support her husband in whatever manner she could. She too, just like Bobby is a cook and shares her recipes too.

Bobby’s Net Worth

Millionaire Bobby Parrish is a successful businessman. The net worth of Bobby Parrish is believed to be $1 million. Even though the source’s number is only an estimation one can reasonably believe that someone who is as successful as Parrish is worth $1 million.

As of writing, Parrish had over 1.24 million viewers on YouTube. Many millions of people watch his channel FlavCity featuring Bobby Parrish, and with this kind of influence, we believe it’s possible to understand why he made such a huge amount of money from YouTube as a creator.



Q1. Who is Bobby Parrish’s wife?

Ans. Bobby Parrish is the husband of Dessi the Bulgarian woman. They along with Bobby Parrish co-founded the popular YouTube channel FlavCity as well as co-author of Flavcity’s Five Ingredient Meals and Keto Food Prep. Bobby along with Dessi has been married for 8 years.

Q2. What is the process by which Bobby Parrish gets his start?

Ans. Bobby Parrish is a dedicated home chef who went to the most prestigious cooking school on earth: his mom’s kitchen. After his application to be to be the future Food Network star was rejected and he decided to start a YouTube channel.

Q3. Do you know if Bobby has an app that is approved?

Ans. You can make use of an app called Bobby Approved app to select the highest quality items at the store. Simply scan the barcode and check to see if that pasta box or cereal box is made from the finest ingredients and must be returned.

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