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(Gists) All you need to know about the death of Mr Terwase AGwaza AKA Gana

It is all over the media that a special force of Nigerian Army has eliminated a notorious millitia leader in person of Terwase Agwaza, popularly known as Gana.

It was gathered that the gang leader was decleard wanted by Nigerian Police after killing several innocent citizens. The Benue State Government later placed a N10 million naira bounty on him.

At about 2.35pm yesterday, Mr. Terwase Agwaza was seen in Katsina Ala local government area of Benue North Central zone claiming that he wanted to surrender for an amnesty program by the state government.

In this article, I will tell you why the Military have made a terrible mistake for killing the criminal gang leader who willingly surrendered himself and vow not to commit crime again.

Killing Gana (Terwase Agwaza) is not the best decision but a terrible mistake ever made. The military would have rehabiltate him, accommodate him and used him to get the hidden ones.

It is well known that the gang leader have boys who may be willing to surrender too, but killing their leader who have willingly surrender will cast fears upon them (his boys) to appear bold and take a decision to change or repent, rather they will prefer to continue with the crime.

The question is, what message did the military want to send those involve in the crime? Recapping on the military’s action, one can easily say, if you repent and surrender you will die so they will prefer to remain in the crime instead of taking the right decision.

The military have rehabilitated someone Boko Haram members who willingly surrender and were not killed by the military, rather they were given special attention and were trained on different skills to enable them live a good life. Why it is that Mr. Terwase Akwaza’s case is different??? This is the question majority of Nigerians and Benue people are asking.

In order not show high level of partiality, the government and the military would have got

Gana rehabilitated just like the other repented Boko Haram terrorists that were forgiven and rehabilitated by the government and the military.


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